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2019-02-06 / Columnists


by Caroline Diem

From the Newberry News

of February 9, 1894
Had a Good Time

A large party of fun-loving Newberryites, loaded in one of Trueman’s large family sleighs, drove out to Mr. I. Pentland’s farm on Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Pentland were a little surprised at the raid made upon them, but they soon recovered and made their guests feel at home.

The party being provided with music, the floors were prepared and dancing engaged in until an early hour in the following morning. The weather being fine the ride to and from the farm was enjoyed very much, and all voted when parting that they had a good time and may repeat the experience in the near future.

Local and County News

—The street committee will have a crew of men at work on Saturday leveling down the ridges on the sidewalks. Good.

—Dr. Loop and deputy Sheriff Cox of Bessemer, having in charge an insane man and woman, came into town on the Wednesday morning train and stopped over until the 5:00 p.m. train, when they left for Traverse City. A few months more and such charges can be left here.

—While delivering goods Wednesday morning, Archie Kerr was attacked by a vicious dog and had his leg badly bitten.

—Jos. Liberty is at work harvesting a supply of ice for Newberry meat dealers. He gets his supply of the solidified fluid from the historic Tahquamenon, about one mile from town.

Deer Park

—Deer Park has at last a good toboggan slide. Several young men have been at work every afternoon for the past week, and it is now in excellent condition.

Looking up from the bottom at night, with the torches placed in conspicuous places and the sleighs and toboggans coming down loaded with young people (and old ones, too) it makes a very pleasant sight.

The slide is situated on the sloping road leading to the life-saving station. There has been but one accident thus far on the toboggan slide. Miss Fountaine, while riding a toboggan, was overtaken by a sleigh that threw her off and hurt her somewhat. Dr. Neal is attending her.

—Mr. Armstrong, who went to Bay City some time ago to have his arm taken care of, writes that he is getting well very rapidly under the use of electricity.

—Some spiteful cuss scattered ashes on the toboggan slide and ruined it completely. A new one will be made at the other end of town.


The McMillan literary society has been successfully carrying on a series of debates this winter that have been both amusing and instructive to both old and young.

The subject for debate next Saturday evening is “Resolved: that the city green boy is more green in the country than the country green boy is in the city.”

From the Newberry News

of February 7, 1919
School Notes

—The first big basketball game of the season took place at the Soo last Friday evening, and although the score was not just what we desired, we are proud of the fighting spirit shown by the boys.

Mr. Bower, who accompanied the team as coach, declares that we have every reason to be proud of them, as they conducted themselves very creditably throughout the game and their energy did not decrease, even though fortune was not smiling upon them. The boys appreciate the splendid hospitality shown them at the Soo and hope to have an opportunity to show their gratitude.

—The girls of the high school have organized a basketball team and practice every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday after school. Miss Frace is coaching the girls and reports that the team has very promising material. She hopes to have several games scheduled for the near future.

—During the coming week the eighth grade cooking girls expect to entertain the Junior High teachers at a luncheon that will be prepared and served by the class. This will be the only lesson in serving this group of girls will receive.

This semester they have learned to cook and utilize leftover cereals, prepare and cook all vegetables, make soup, cake and quick breads and had one lesson in candy-making.

From the Newberry News

of February 6, 1969
Newberry vs. Petoskey

The Newberry Aces beat Petoskey on Sunday the 19th by the score of 15—5. The Aces jumped off to a quick 5—1 lead at the end of the first period. In the second period the Aces outskated their host, and with a good performance from their goalie, Gary Sevarns, went to the locker room at the end of the second period with a 14—1 lead.

In the third period Petoskey started to play hockey as it scored four goals, while the Aces could only muster one, but the Aces won by a wide margin.

The Aces beat the Escanaba Hawks by the score of 11—10 in a sudden death overtime thriller on Sunday the 26th. In the first period both teams went at each other as if they wanted to kill one another. Both teams had a man in the penalty box before two minutes of the first period had passed.

Ronny Fox was the big scorer for the Aces, as he had five goals to his credit, and Jason Willis had the all-important 11th goal.


Varsity debaters from Newberry High School will compete with class A-B schools in the final championship tournament to determine regional winners.

Participating Varsity debaters are Paul Sainio, Patsy Labron, Barbara Foster, Chris Foley and Margaret Fossitt.

The debaters of Newberry High School have won 10 victories against two defeats in the preliminary debate tournament in Escanaba. The finals will be held February 14 and 15.

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